/ / Basilica of Superga: photos, description (Basilica di Superga)

Basilica of Superga: photos, description (Basilica di Superga)

Basilica di Superga - a Church in and around Turin. Built in 1717-1731 years on the orders of king Victor Amadeus II and the great architect Filippo Juvarra on top of the hill of Superga on the South Bank of the river Po. The construction of the Basilica was the fulfillment of the vow, which the Duke of Savoy and future king of the Kingdom of Sardinia gave during the battle of Turin after the defeat of the French army (during the war of the Spanish succession). According to the legend, September 2, 1706, the king climbed the hill of Superga, to look over the French besieged Turin. Here he fell to his knees and vowed that if he wins, this place will be built a temple in honor of the virgin Mary. And so it happened.

In the Church, and under it are buried many kings and princes of Savoy in the Royal crypt. For example, you can see the monument to Charles Emmanuel III, made Ignacio Collino and his brother Filippo. However, two of the Italian king of Savoy Victor Emmanuel II and Umberto I are buried in the Roman Pantheon. And the last king of Italy, Umberto II, is buried in Adamska Abbey in France.

Basilica of Superga, the creation of a brilliant Juvarra, built in the late Baroque - classicism. Its dome was completed in 1726 and resembles the dome of the Roman Basilica of St. Peter, the work of Michelangelo. This is not surprising, since Juvarra studied in Rome and worked in the Eternal city for 10 years before moving to Turin. The facade of the Church also has features reminiscent of the Roman Pantheon. It is believed that Victor Amadeus II ordered to build a temple on top of a hill, to serve as a reminder of the power of the Savoy dynasty, and was also a continuation of the panorama with the castle Rivoli. Later, the castle of Stupinigi, one of the three Savoy residences, completed the triangle of impressive buildings.

By the way, the hill of Superga was the site of one of the worst disasters in the history of Italy - here in 1949 crashed plane, which was flying a football team Torino. The aircraft hit a zone of poor visibility and the pilot lost control, touched the wing of the fence, the Basilica. Killed 31 people.