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Bagno di Romagna: photo description (Bagno di Romagna)

Bagno di Romagna is a small town in the heart of the Italian region of Emilia-Romagna. Located on the way from Rome to Ravenna just a few dozen kilometers from the Adriatic coast and close to the famous Tuscan cities of Arezzo and Florence. Here is a Paradise for lovers of life in the style of "slow-life": beautiful landscapes, hot springs, delicious local food, friendly townspeople and the highest level of service.

One of the attractions of bagno di Romagna is the water eco-Museum of lake Ridracoli "IDRO" - its permanent exhibitions acquaint visitors with the secrets of water and forests through scientific experiments and interactive games that help adults and children themselves to make amazing discoveries.

The city also has a visitor center national Park of Foreste Casentinesi" - it occupies part of the Palazzo del CAPITANO. On the first floor of the visitor centre, an exhibition introducing the geological history of these places, but here you can see the silhouette of a large beech tree, which serves as a nest for various species of birds. In addition to this there is the opportunity to see the Park's landscapes from height of bird's flight - the majestic mountains, valleys, rivers, and lost among the forest village.

Should also visit the Basilica of Santa Maria Assunta, the first mention of which occur in 861, the year. Many times during its long history the Church was rebuilt and modified, and today in his appearance you can see the features of Romanesque and Gothic styles and Renaissance style. The Basilica is unique in its kind in the region - it includes the work of Neri Bichchi, Andrea della Robbia and Donatello's pupils.

Another noteworthy religious building is the chapel of the Madonna del Carmine on the right Bank of the Fosso della Cappella, a tributary of the river Savio. The chapel was built specifically for the storage of icons depicting the virgin Mary. The gaze of tourists attracts an elegant portico with three arches and pillars of the 18th century. Today the chapel is a small Museum of sacred art.

Finally, it is worth a visit already mentioned above, the Palazzo del CAPITANO is one of the most important in historical terms buildings bagno di Romagna. Its facade recalls the long dominance of Florence over these lands (from 1404 till 1923-th years). Since the middle Ages, the Palazzo was the center of concentration of political power - housed the residence of the counts of Guidi di bagno, the seat of government of the Florentine Republic, was organized in the barracks of the carabinieri. In the middle 1950-x of years the Palazzo has been completely abandoned, and only in 1984-1994-m years it was bought by the municipality and restored. Today in the Palazzo del CAPITANO is located the city library, archive, tourist information office and visitor centre of the national Park "Foreste Casentinesi".