/ / Battistero di San Giovanni: photo description (Baptistery)

Battistero di San Giovanni: photo description (Baptistery)

The baptistery is an octagonal Church building with semicircular apse, standing on a stepped podium, was built in IV-V centuries near the North gate of Florence from the Roman period. The modern look of the baptistery received in XI-XIII centuries. In 1128 he was covered with a smooth pyramidal roof, a lantern with columns in 1150, and rectangular-chair - 1202. Outside the building is faced with green and white marble. Each face of the baptistery has three fold division, decorated with pilasters and crowned with entablature and semi-circular arches framing the Windows.

Particularly noteworthy are the bronze gates. Gates are located on three sides of the Baptistery. John the Baptist: the Southern gates, executed by Andrea Pisano with scenes from the life of John the Baptist and allegories of the Virtues; North gate by Ghiberti, with scenes from the New Testament, Evangelists and doctors of the Church; the Eastern gate is the masterpiece of Ghiberti, which is considered to be the most famous. They are made by order of the Guild of merchants in 1425, is divided into ten panels and reproduce scenes from the old Testament. The perfection of execution gate deservedly bear the name given to them Michelangelo "Gates of Paradise".

The interior of the Baptistery dujardini; the lower order of columns; the upper with pilasters framing paired Windows. The surface of the walls is covered with marble mosaics geometric pattern that resembles a paving flooring. Here among the works of art of particular interest is the tomb of anti-Pope John XXIII - an entire funerary complex, completed by the sculptor Michelozzo and Donatello.

The chair is decorated with beautiful mosaics of the XIII century, performed simultaneously with the mosaics of the arch. Mosaic arch is as follows: on either side of the large image of the "Christ in Glory" the work of Coppo di Marcovaldo is six rows of scenes from the life of John the Baptist, Christ, Joseph, from the book of Genesis, Heaven is a Theocracy with Christ and Seraphim and ornamental motifs.