/ / The baptistery of the Orthodox: photos, description (Battistero Neoniano)

The baptistery of the Orthodox: photos, description (Battistero Neoniano)

The baptistery of the Orthodox, also named Neon, is the oldest building in Ravenna and decorated with Byzantine mosaics. In 1996, the year he was included in the UNESCO world Cultural Heritage site by UNESCO.

The baptistery, having the shape of an octagon, was built in 4-5 th centuries on the foundations of the Roman baths, and originally bore the name of the baptistery of the Orthodox. His second name he was named after Bishop Neon, in order that the second half of the 5th century, its interior was decorated with mosaics. Interestingly, today the building of the baptistery is three meters lower than it was originally, it "plunged" in the cultural layer.

The interior of the baptistery is decorated with mosaics, ionic columns and reliefs depicting the prophets - all this luxury was designed to emphasize the sacrament of baptism. In the center you can see the baptismal font with eight sides, made in the 16th century from Greek marble and porphyry. Its unique feature is the pulpit, carved from a single piece of marble. In side the arch has preserved the throne of the 6th century, and next placed the ancient bronze cross, who in 1963, the year was removed from the roof.

The mosaics of the baptistery is divided into three cycles. In the first tier is dominated by floral design on a blue background. The second cycle decorates the space between the arches of the second tier and the third space under the dome. All of the mosaics are relevant to the theme of the Heavenly Jerusalem, and under the dome you can see scenes of the baptism of Christ and the image of the 12 apostles.