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Bardolino: photo description (Bardolino)

Nestled on the Eastern shore of lake Garda resort town of Bardolino is part of the Verona province and is 130 km West of Venice and about 25 km Northwest of Verona. The economy of this small town based primarily on tourism and production of wine.

The territory of modern Bardolino was inhabited since prehistoric times, evidenced by archaeological finds. Here were found traces of Roman settlements, although the current city was founded only in the early middle Ages, when in the 10th century Berengar of Italy built a fortress here. In the 12th century, Verona was known as an independent commune, and later came under the rule of the family of the della Scala family, which expanded and strengthened the local fortification. After the fall of the della Scala family, the town became part of the Venetian Republic, which had here a naval base, and later was part of the Lombardo-Venetian Kingdom. Visited the "steering" of Bardolino and the Austrians. Only in 1866 the town became part of United Italy.

Today Bardolino is a popular tourist resort. Its historic center, surrounded by the ruins of the medieval city walls, is of particular interest. In the Romanesque Church of the 11th century San Severo you can see the frescoes depicting scenes from the Apocalypse. Worth a visit Church of San Vito and San Zeno mid-9th century, 12th-century Church of San nicolò and the ancient monastery of San Colombano. Throughout Bardolino scattered luxurious villas, most of which built in the 19th century, Villa Bottagisio, Guerrieri Villa, Villa Marzan, Villa Raimondi Villa Giuliani-Jeanphilippe. Near the harbour are the heart of Gelmetti with a tower and Loggia Rambaldi. No less interesting are the museums of the city: one dedicated to wine and olive oil, and the second Museum Cizah - fishing and hunting birds.

Outdoor enthusiasts may enjoy Windsurfing and parafango, as well as sailing. On the perfectly clean beaches of Bardolino you can relax and sunbathe. Near the city there are amusement parks Gardaland, Caneva World and Movie Studios.