/ / The towers of Bologna: photo description (Le due torri)

The towers of Bologna: photo description (Le due torri)

The towers of Bologna - a complex of medieval buildings in Bologna, the most famous of which are the so-called Two Towers. Between the 12th and 13th centuries the number of towers in the city was quite large - about 180. Thus the reason for their construction until the end remains unclear. According to one version, the wealthy families of Bologna have used them for defensive purposes during the Struggle for investiture - the confrontation between Emperor Henry IV and Pope Gregory VII. In addition to the towers today you can see the fortified gate that was the gateway of the city walls in the 12th century. Wall, unfortunately, was completely destroyed.

In the 13th century part of the towers were demolished, others fell themselves. To remaining for many years housed the jail, city hall, stores and dwellings. In 1917 it was demolished the tower of Artemise and the Riccadonna tower at the project for improvement of the city. Today there remains less than 20 ancient buildings: tower Altabella (61 meters), Coronata (60 meters), Scappi (39 meters), Uguzzoni (32 meters), Guadajara, Galuzzi and the famous Two Towers Asinelli (97 meters) and Garisenda (48 meters).

The construction of the towers was a very difficult - to build a 60-foot "skyscraper" went from 3 to 10 years. Each tower had a square base, going to a depth of 5-10 meters, and fortified with stakes driven into the ground by pillars, covered with gravel and lime. The Foundation was made of huge blocks selenitovyj. The higher was the structure, the thinner and easier to was its walls.

The first who began to study the history of the construction of towers in the 19th century, was count Giovanni of Gozzadini. It is the basis of municipal archives suggested that in Bologna there were about 180 of skyscrapers! For a medieval city is an incredibly huge number. However, more recent studies talk about another number - from 80 to 100.

Whatever it was, but today, these towers, especially the famous Two Towers, are one of the symbols of the city. Last stand at the intersection of roads that lead to the five gates of the old city walls. The highest is called Asinelli and the smaller, but more oblique - Garisenda. Their names come from the noble families of Bologna, by order where it is believed they were built between 1109 and 1119 years. It is also believed that the Asinelli tower initially had a height of only 70 meters, and only later was completed to its current 97, 2 meters. In the 14th century, the tower housed a prison and small stronghold. At the same time, around it was built a wooden structure 30 metres high, which were connected with the Garisenda tower, a hanging bridge. The bridge was destroyed in 1398. In the 17th and 18th centuries in the tower of Asinelli scientists Giovanni Battista, Riccioli and Giovanni Battista Guglielmini conducted experiments to study the motion of rigid bodies and rotation of the earth. And during the Second World war it housed the observation post.