/ / Tower Mole Antonelliana: photos, description Mole'antonelliana)

Tower Mole Antonelliana: photos, description Mole'antonelliana)

Mole Antonelliana is one of the main attractions of Turin, the building, named after the architect Alessandro Antonelli. In General, the word "mol" in the architecture represent the building with monumental proportions.

The construction of the Mole Antonelliana began in 1863, soon after the unification of Italy and was finished in 1889, after the death of the architect. Initially the building was intended for the synagogue, today it houses the national cinema Museum is the tallest Museum building in the world.

As already mentioned, the Mole Antonelliana was conceived as a synagogue. Since 1848, the Jewish community of Turin was officially recognized by the authorities, and by the time construction began on the building, Turin was the capital of the new Italian state (a status he's maintained from 1860 to 1864). A community wishing to build a capital worthy of a place of religious worship, was hired by Alessandro Antonelli, who has just finished the construction of a 121 metre-high dome and spire to the Basilica of San gaudenzio in Novara. However, the relationship between the customer and the architect did not happen. Antonelli proposed a number of modifications resulting in the final height of the building was 167,5 meters, which was 46 meters higher than the original project. These changes entailed an increase in the cost of construction and requiring more time, not satisfied with the Jewish community and the erection of the synagogue was interrupted in 1869.

In 1864, the state capital was moved to Florence, and the Jewish community has declined significantly. The cost of the project and ambitions Antonelli continued to grow. In 1876, the community has already been spent on the construction of the synagogue three times more than the planned amount, refused further funding for the project, which was still far from complete. Came to the aid of the public in Turin, which demanded from the city authorities to take the building under their care. And so it happened. Mole Antonelliana was dedicated to king Victor Emanuel II. From 1908 to 1938 the building housed the Museum of the Risorgimento (Rebirth), which was later moved to Palazzo Carignano.

Since 2000 in the Mole Antonelliana houses the national cinematic Museum. The building depicted on the reverse of the Italian Euro denominations of 2 cents.