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Tower Strozzi: photos, description (Torre Strozzi)

Tower Strozzi, standing in the vicinity of Perugia, on the road Strada Perlasca, is today a special exhibition area. This is a unique place, which combines history, art and nature. In the tower, under the management of the Arts Centre regularly hosts regional and national cultural events - exhibitions of contemporary art, photography, drawing, sculpture, etc.

The tower's name comes from the name of Giovanni Battista Strazii, Duke of Bagnolo and Prince Forano, which according to historical records, in 1715, was the owner of a plot of land with a small vineyard and a tower, located near Pieve San Quirico. However, today already discovered mention of Stratii Torre, Dating from the late 16th century, although its original origin still remains unknown. If you take into account the architecture of the tower and its design, it can be assumed that it served as a separate military Outpost. This is indicated by its strategic location between the river Tiber, Gubbio, Perugia and città di Castello and Tuscany. It is also possible that it was a haven for religious communities Zoccolanti, and then turned into a bird house.

Despite the horrific condition and obsolete design, the tower of Santa Maria Novella was totally renovated by its current owner and, in accordance with its historical and artistic features, was turned into one of the largest in Umbria art centres.