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Torre of Bissar: photos, description Torre Bissara)

Torre Bissar, also known as Torre di Piazza, the urban tower in Vicenza, which overlooks Piazza dei Signori, and the famous Basilica Palladiana. Rising to a height of 82 meters from the ground, it is one of the tallest buildings in the city.

The first mention of Torre Bissar meet in 1174, the year when the tower was built on the initiative of the family Biscari next to their Palace. Between 1211 and 1229 years the municipality of Vicenza bought the Palace, intending to transform it into the residence of the Podesta and the tower. Miraculously, having escaped during the terrible earthquake of 1347, the year, Torre Bissar in the mid-15th century was enlarged to its present 82 meters. Within it were placed the remains of some saints and five bells. Then, for several centuries, the tower underwent numerous reconstructions, with the goal of maintaining stability and appearance.

March 18, 1945, the year Torre Bissar, together with the Basilica Palladiana was bombed by the Anglo-American troops. The top of the tower caught fire and the dome collapsed to the ground. In this abbreviated form the next day she saw the inhabitants of Vicenza. In addition, the broken bells which fell to the pavement of the square.

Immediately after the Second World war began the restoration of the Torre Bissar and the Basilica Palladiana, which caused a real controversy in society, as a result of the reconstruction the shape of the tower has become slightly different from the original. Not all of the bells was returned to its place as the sphere, indicates the moon phases located under the dial.

In 2002, the year approved the project for a radical restoration of Torre Bissar, which was implemented in two passes. The first had the goal of strengthening the entire structure (a problem characteristic of Vicenza, with its underground waters), and the second was aimed at restoring the surface of the structure and its decorations. The dial was painted blue as was probably the original tower was returned to its original location sphere with moon phases and bells.

Feature Torre Bissar is that in addition to the usual sound of bells every half hour and every hour, it publishes a ringtone is also seven minutes before noon and seven minutes to 18 hours.