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Torre Guinigi: photos, description (Torre Guinigi)

Torre Guinigi is the most important tower of Lucca and one of the few remaining in the city. To get to it can be along via Sant'andrea. Built of stone and brick, the tower is a prominent landmark of Lucca and attracts the attention of several oak trees growing on its very top.

At the beginning of the 14th century, Lucca had more than 250 towers and a huge number of bells that adorned the city in the middle Ages. The guinigi family, who were then the rulers of the city wanted to improve its gloomy ownership, planted with trees by building a tower and making it a symbol of rebirth. By the will of the last member of the family tower and the Palace in via Sant'andrea passed into the possession of the commune of Lucca.

Among the medieval towers that belonged to noble families, the Torre Guinigi is the only one not destroyed during the 16th century. The tower is located on the corner of via Sant'andrea and via delle Chiavi D'oro, rises to the height of 44.5 meters above the ground, standing out among the other buildings of the historic center of the city. Tourists can climb to the top of Torre Guinigi, breaking 225 degrees — quite easy in the beginning and very difficult at the end, where the rise can continue only with the help of the railings. On the walls inside the tower are paintings depicting scenes of medieval life, and from the top of Torre Guinigi offers a wonderful view of the historic centre of Lucca, the Piazza Anfiteatro and the surrounding mountains — the Apuan Alps in the North-West, the Apennines to the North-East and Monte Pisano in the South. There, on the top of the tower there is a small terraced garden consisting of a large box and seven oaks. It is not known when he created the garden, but in the Chronicles of Giovanni Sercambi (15th century) it is already mentioned.