/ / Torre della Peschiera di Nassa: photos, description (Torre della Peschiera di Nassa)

Torre della Peschiera di Nassa: photos, description (Torre della Peschiera di Nassa)

Torre della Peschiera di Nassa - coastal tower, located on the territory of the commune of Monte Argentario on the Northern shore of the Peninsula. Nearby the port of Santa Liberata and Torre di Santa Liberata.

Torre della Peschiera di Nassa was built in the middle Ages for defensive and observation purposes - it can help to monitored channel of the Laguna di Orbetello and dune Tombolo della Giannella. The construction of the tower belongs to the reign of the local powerful clan Aldobrandeschi. In the 15th century, the Sienese have upgraded the tower, thus the coastal defensive system. They built a number of similar buildings.

After the French storm of 1552, the year Torre della Peschiera di Nassa became part of the educated state Stato dei of the Board, and during the siege of Orbetello 1646, the year the tower was the theatre of fighting between the French and the Spaniards. In subsequent centuries the tower continued to serve its defensive function: in the early 19th century, during the reign of Napoleon, it was fortified. And in 1802, the year next to it was built the chapel of the Madonna di Loreto. However, at the end of the same century Torre Peschiera di Nassa has lost its role and began to decline - this led to the fact that the upper part of the structure collapsed.

Today, Torre della Peschiera di Nassa, which was named for the nearby fish cages ("Peschiera" in Italian), stands on a small hill with a road going along the North coast of Monte Argentario. From the old tower remained only an impressive sloping Foundation with parapet, powerful stone walls which give an idea about how was the whole design. It is known that in the past the tower consisted of three levels with a number of teeth at the top.