/ / Torre di Troia Nuova: photo, description Torre di Troia Nuova)

Torre di Troia Nuova: photo, description Torre di Troia Nuova)

Torre di Troia Nuova castle resort town of Punta Ala, built between 1562 and 1563 m over the years on the orders of Cosimo de Medici I as a means to protect the Tuscan coast from the raids of pirates. In 1707, the year on the site of the castle was built the chapel Cappella di San Antonio, and later, in the second half of the 18th century, the structure was completely redesigned by order of the Grand Duke of Tuscany from the dynasty of Lorraine.

In 1932, the year the castle had relocated Italo Balbo, Italian military and political figure, the only Marshal of Italy, the Italian Supreme commander in North Africa and the closest ally Benito Mussolini. When Balbo multilateral form Torre di Troia Nuova and its high stone walls had not changed, they came to us in the same form. Balbo kept the U-shaped interior of the castle and the Central square tower, which were once paramount to protect the coastline. However, he has made some striking features, turning the castle from a free-standing stone tower in a refined residence with stucco architraves, beautifully carved spiral staircases and exquisitely decorated interiors. By order of Balbo in place of the old gallery was built terrace where he could enjoy the magnificent views of the coast. Unfortunately, today this residence is privately owned, so it is impossible to see inside, but admire the old castle outside any tourist!

Another tower of Punta Ala, and Torre del Barbiere, also known as the Torre Hidalgo. It stands on a small promontory of the same name. The tower was built in 1577, the year to protect the southern coast of the municipality of Piombino from the raids of pirates. In the first half of the 18th century, all of Punta Ala became part of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany, and the tower was sold. In the 20th century the owner was the aforementioned Italo Balbo. Today Torre Hidalgo is almost completely covered with Mediterranean shrub, and outside there is little to discern among the undergrowth. You can get inside through a small rectangular door that leads to the mezzanine, and from there a wooden staircase leads to a small suspension bridge. On top of the tower is still a huge bell, once used to alert and warning to local residents about the attack. From the top of the Torre Hidalgo views of Punta Ala and the surrounding area.