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Torre Kaligo: photos, description Torre Caligo)

Torre Kaligo is one of the attractions of the resort town of Lido di Jesolo, which is a ancient medieval tower. It was built by the Venetians on the right Bank of the channel Kaligo, on whose behalf and was named, to observe the confluence of canal in the river sile Piave Vecchia. The fact that in those days the canal was an important thoroughfare between the lagoon and the Piave rivers of the region Friuli.

It is believed that Torre Kaligo was erected on the ruins of ancient Roman buildings, which preserved only the Foundation. Count Filiasi, who wrote an important work on the history of Venice, said in his manuscripts that the tower was built in the 930-m to year. And some of the maps of the 18th century, you can see that initially there were two towers, which bore the same name. The second was standing on the opposite Bank of the canal Kaligo in the village of Lio Maggiore, but to this day she is not got no little rock.

In the 15th century Torre Kaligo was called Turris de Piave, and, according to discovered historical documents, along the channel Revedoli was built a number of such facilities Torre, Yes he is and Torre de RODEWAY. The last was completely destroyed in the 17th century. Today the medieval Torre Kaligo can be seen in the Western part of the commune of Jesolo.