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Belgirate: photo description (Belgirate)

Belgirate is a small resort town, situated on a picturesque promontory which separates the Borromean Gulf from the southern part of Lago Maggiore. Throughout the 19th century the guests of this resort have been many famous people - the leaders of the Risorgimento, politicians and poets, who built here their sumptuous villas with gardens that can be seen today along the seafront.

Villa Fontana is one of the oldest in Belgirate - it was built in the 18th century for the family Beretta. In 1892, the year it was acquired by the famous Milan publisher Emilio Treves, who gave the estate the name Villa Maria in honor of his daughter. Wonderful building, surrounded by an English garden with palm trees, magnolias, camphor Laurel and huge Araucarias, was attended by such prominent Italians as Giovanni Verga, Gabriele d'annunzio and Leonardo Bistolfi.

Villa Carlotta, also once owned by the family Beretta, in 1952, the year has been bought by Giuseppe Mugnai who turned the estate of the 19th century into a luxury hotel. Today in its walls are important congresses and conferences. Mugnai he was an avid gardener-Amateur, and in the 1960-ies he was able to bring white-red-orange variety of dahlias, which he dedicated to the great Brigitte Bardot once stayed in his hotel.

Bongs Villa was built in 1858-61-m years, Ruggero Bongs, a famous politician from Naples and writer, who fell in love with these places and the sights of Lago Maggiore. After his death the Villa several times passed from hand to hand, and today, unfortunately, lost some of its lustre and extravagance.

Among other noteworthy villas of Belgirate can be called a Villa Cairoli, which was visited by Giuseppe Garibaldi, the huge size of the Villa Connelly with the Italian garden, the Villa Dal Pozzo d Annone, one of the most expensive on the lake, Villa Fontana-Fedeli, which is popularly called the castle for its style, and the Villa of the Princess Matilda - the residence of the niece of Napoleon.