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University of Bologna: photo description (Universita di Bologna)

University of Bologna — the oldest University in Europe and one of the oldest in the world. Can compete with it, is that the University of al-Karaouine in this Moroccan city of Fes. Among the most famous alumni of the University of Bologna — Torquato tasso, Copernicus, Carlo Goldoni, Albrecht Durer and others.

The exact date of Foundation of the University of Bologna is unknown, but it is well established that already in the XI century in Bologna there was a school of "liberal arts", where he taught rhetoric and Roman law. The first law Professor was a Ornery — his lectures he began to read in 1088 at the request of the Countess Matilda, the former owner of Tuscany and parts of Lombardy.

Two centuries later, law school in Bologna received European fame, including, thanks to the patronage of the German Emperor Friedrich I. In it all students who have studied Roman law, could travel freely across the continent under the protection of the Imperial authority, and to judge only the Professor or the Bishop. In those years, these benefits have been of great help to increase the flow of students. In addition, immigrants from Northern Europe are attracted by the mild climate of the city and its overall development and livability. Students became not only young people, but respectable fathers of families, including the offspring of the Royal families. A unique feature of the University was its openness to women. At the same time for arrivals were required to prove their knowledge and intent to learn — belonging to a noble family in calculation were not accepted. The student Association picked their own leaders who are obeyed and the Professor. In the XIV century the University had already existed three separate faculties — legal, theological and medical. But then began a period of decline that lasted until the nineteenth century, - the reason for this was the emergence of universities in many other cities of Italy and Europe. Seriously affected the University and during the Napoleonic wars — then even the furniture was burned warlike French.

Today the Bologna University is not included in the top ten of the world's leading Universities, however, remains one of the most important in Europe. He maintains academic links with many educational institutions on all continents and is involved in a number of programs for exchange students.

The real wealth of the University of Bologna is its library, which was founded in 1605. It holds about 250 thousand books and more than 1300 periodicals. Also pay attention to the University Botanical Garden - Orto Botanico". It was founded in 1568 and is now considered one of the oldest in Europe. On an area of 2 hectares is about 5 thousand plants belonging to 1200 species. Here you can see the plants-succulents, brought from Central and South America, Africa, the Canary Islands and Madagascar. In the Tropical Garden grow bromeliads and orchids, coffee tree and palm trees, and a variety of herbs. Throughout the garden, planted trees, characteristic for areas of Central and southern Europe, and in addition there are plant predators and typical Alpine flora.