/ / Borgio, Verezzi: photo description (Borgio Verezzi)

Borgio, Verezzi: photo description (Borgio Verezzi)

Borgio, Verezzi is a town on the Ligurian coast, consisting of two completely different parts: the beach resort on the Riviera di Ponente and the medieval village on the hills of Verezzi. Tourists should go to this, the old part of town as the local beach is, frankly, somewhat behind other resort areas of the coast. But in the old, Verezzi, lying on a hill, you can find interesting historical monuments and admire the beautiful views of borgio and the entire Riviera di Ponente. To be precise, Verezzi is composed of four areas - Crozat, Piazza, Poggio and Roccaro. Exactly Poggio is the main tourist center.

Heart of Verezzi - the Piazzetta Sant'agostino, surrounded by old houses and attracts attention with its traditional stone arches. On the streets and alleys of the medieval town hiding many ancient churches, such as Chiesa di Sant'agostino a 14th century on the main square or San Martino 17 th century with various paintings and sculptures of a later period. Interesting also the Church of San Pietro, built in the 18th century in the neoclassical style, and the medieval Church of the virgin Mary at the cemetery.

On the outskirts of borgio, Verezzi is popular among tourists Valdemiro system of caves known as the Grotte di borgio, Verezzi. Local scenic caves and unusual rock formations attract hundreds of visitors - perhaps this is the most colorful cave in Italy. Tourists can get down inside to a depth of 800 meters, and on the way to see several reservoirs.

Nearby the medieval village of Toirano also known for its impressive caves. And yet a few kilometres from borgio Verezzi, located resorts of Finale Ligure and Pietra Ligure and the historic town of Finalborgo.