/ / Bosco di San Silvestro: photos, description (Bosco di San Silvestro)

Bosco di San Silvestro: photos, description (Bosco di San Silvestro)

Bosco di San Silvestro together with the Park, the English garden and the Belvedere of San Leucio was once part of the Royal possessions adjacent to the Reggia di Caserta. Partly this territory was the hunting grounds of the Bourbons, and partly it placed on agricultural land. Here was the Royal courtyard with olive groves, fruit orchards and vegetable gardens, as well as the resting place of the king after the hunt.

King Charles VII acquired the Bosco di San Silvestro in the middle of the 18th century. Then the hunting grounds was walled in, and in 1797, the year under the project of court architect Francesco Collocini was built a house real Casino: this U-shaped building in the style of Roman villas facing South. In the extensive courtyard was laid out a garden. The rooms of the first floor was intended for the processing of grapes, production of wine, oil and cheese, and on the second floor, which led stone staircase, was the dwelling. During the reign of Francis I on-site real Casino was constructed the hanging gardens, and the building was rebuilt.

In 1993, the year of the Bosco di San Silvestro, spread over an area of 76 hectares between the hills of Monte and Monte Maulo Briano, an initiative of the world wildlife Fund (WWF) was declared a protected zone. And in the following year there were Hiking trails and the forest has become another attraction of Caserta. Pecorara Bourbon sheepfold was converted into a small hotel of 24 rooms with a kitchen and dining room. The old house Casa del Arco has become an Eco-friendly House with solar panels and systems for collecting and processing rainwater. In addition, on the territory of the Bosco di San Silvestre arranged several picnic areas. The forest itself is represented Holm oaks, olive groves and typical Mediterranean shrubs. On the lawns you can see wild mint and different kinds of wild orchids. In the trees inhabited by nightingales, hoopoe and woodcock, and wander through the woods, foxes, marmots, deer and other animals.