/ / Botanical garden of Villa Taranto: photo description (della Giardini botanici Villa Taranto)

Botanical garden of Villa Taranto: photo description (della Giardini botanici Villa Taranto)

Botanical garden of Villa Taranto is located in the province of Verbano-Cusio-Ossola in the Italian region of Piedmont. The Creator of the garden, captain Neil Maceacharn, said: "a Beautiful garden does not have to be big, but it should be the epitome of a man's dream, even if it's only a couple of square meters, occupying someone else's balcony." He created a Botanical garden, spread in an amazing beautiful place between the mountains and the lake Lago Maggiore, is thousands of plants, brought by the captain from different parts of the world, and rare collections, unique in Europe.

The garden takes its beginning in 1931, the year when the Scottish captain was purchased from the Marquise of Sant'elia, the estate called La Crocetta, he wanted to turn it into an English garden that reminds him of his native Scotland. Work on the creation of the garden took place in several stages, lasted until 1940. During this time, you have created multiple sections, for example, the so-called "Valletta" - irrigation system that uses water directly from the lake; terraced gardens with waterfalls, swimming pool and ponds with water lilies and Lotus flowers; a Winter garden and a garden in marshy ground. Also the garden was decorated with fountains and water of the soul. The resulting Botanical garden captain Maceachern called Villa Taranto in memory of his ancestor, Marshal McDonald, on whom Napoleon bestowed the title of Duke of Taranto. All of the estate was transferred to the ownership of the Italian state with the condition that after the death Maceachern its creation will be supervised.

From 1952, the year of Villa Taranto is open to the public from April to October - during this period, it is visited by 150 thousand people. Tourists come here from Australia, North and South America and Europe. Today, the Botanical garden grows thousands of plants brought here from around the world. The Villa itself is closed to the public since 1995, the year it is located in the Prefecture of the province of Verbano-Cusio-Ossola.

Captain Neil Maceacharn died in April 1964 and was buried in a small chapel-mausoleum built specially for this purpose at the Botanical garden.