/ / Botanical garden of Lucca: photo description (Orto Botanico Comunale)

Botanical garden of Lucca: photo description (Orto Botanico Comunale)

Botanical garden of Lucca is located on via Giardino Botanico. It was founded in 1820, the year on the initiative of the Duchess Maria Luisa Spanish and initially was administered by the Royal University of Lucca, along with Physical laboratory and the astronomical Observatory. And the first image of the garden dates back to 1843, the year - on card, you can find the current zone La Arborea (Tree), La Montagnola (Hill) and Il Laghetto (the small Lake). La Montagnola, where today you can see numerous species of plants Lukatsky mountains, has retained its original spiral layout, a La Arboreto, on the contrary, has lost its geometrical form. In 1920, the year the Botanical garden was transferred to the municipality of Lucca, and became a public Park.

Today the collection of the Botanical garden includes about 200 species of plants, including early-flowering camellias, rhododendrons and azaleas. The garden is decorated with huge ceramic "medallions" depicting important events in the history of the garden, for example planting Lebanese cedar in 1822, the year - today is a beautiful tree is one of the oldest in La Arboreto. Here you can also see the grid with pilasters, adorned with Laurel leaves and crowned lions (the work of Lorenzo Nottolini). And octagonal vase, used for cultivation of water plants, decorate the Sphinx and terracotta pumpkin impressive size. In the depths of the Central alley, near the lake, is a beautiful group of cypresses of Virginia.

In the history of the Botanical garden of Lucca is a mysterious legend that tells that a certain noble lady Lucida Muncie sold his soul to the devil in exchange for a great deal of youth. At the end of the deal, the devil put Lucido in the hot carriage and drove him through the city walls of Lucca, and then thrown into the water of that same lake, which is located in the Botanical garden. Today, if you head down to the water, you can see the face Lucidi Muncie.