/ / Botanical garden of Siena: photo description (Orto Botanico Dell'universita di Siena)

Botanical garden of Siena: photo description (Orto Botanico Dell'universita di Siena)

Botanical garden of Siena, spread over an area of 2.5 hectares in the center of the street, via Mattioli of Siena, close to Porta Tufi, is an extensive city Park, which is open to tourists daily.

The history of creation the Botanical garden dates back to 1588 when the University of Siena for the first time began to cultivate medicinal plants - then it was located next to the hospital of Santa Maria della Scala. In 1756 the field activities of botanists had expanded until the whole study of natural history, and in 1759 under the leadership of Giuseppe Baldassarri in the Botanical garden began to cultivate rare and exotic plants. In 1784 the Grand Duke of Tuscany Pietro Leopoldo held a University reform, which in a short time the collection of the garden has greatly increased, including income from abroad. In the first published paper mentioned about 900 species of plants, including brought from different parts of the world. In 1856 the garden moved to its current location where in the early 20th century was constructed Institute facility. In the 1960-ies the area of the garden was doubled.

Today the Botanical garden is located entirely within the city walls of Siena, occupying the hilly territory of the valley of San Agostino. His main collection is classified in accordance with the systematics of plants: each species has its own small plot. The so-called "agricultural areas" fruit, olives and grapes of Chianti. Also the garden has three greenhouses with a total area of about 500 square meters, where you can see tropical plants, a collection of succulents, arranged in accordance with the country of origin, carnivorous plants and principal citrus fruits grown in Europe. And recently there was built a rock Garden and a real Fern forest.