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Brenzone: photo description (Brenzone)

Brenzone is a small resort town, located on the shores of lake Garda, just 46 km from Verona. They say that its name comes from the name of Brenzone. The city is spread over 50 sq km - it gradually "creeps" up from the banks of the lake to the peak CIMA Telegrafo (2200 meters). Today it is home to about 2.5 thousand people. In addition, the office in Brenzone also includes a number of smaller settlements lying on the slopes of Monte Baldo - Marniga, Prada, Castello, Castelletto, Magugnano, Porto and Assenza. The mild climate contributes to the fact that here grow olives, cork oaks, cypresses, almonds and oleander. And it was off the coast Brenzone lake Garda reaches its deepest level - 350 meters.

The earliest archaeological finds on the territory of modern Brenzone date back to the bronze age is rock carvings near Castelletto. Later, the Romans lived here, whose presence is evident in the historical center Magugnano with its early Christian Church of San Zeno, one of the oldest churches of lake Garda. In the 10th century on the island Trimelone lying in front of Brenzone, a fortress was built, destroyed by Frederick Barbarossa in 1158 and rebuilt the Rock. For a long time it served as an ammunition depot, but today lies in ruins.

In Castelletto is to see the Church of San Zen de l Osely and BIASE - the Church of Sant Antonio, built in the era of the Roman Empire. Noteworthy are the frescoes in the Church of San Nicola in Assenza and the Church in Castello, which houses the icon of the virgin, considered miraculous. Definitely worth a visit wonderful historical centers of the numerous settlements included in Brenzone, with their souvenir shops and delightful restaurants.

On the slopes of Monte Baldo, there are several Alpine shelters, for example, Rifugio Cirago, standing at a height of 1910 meters, or Rifugio Telegrafo, towering at around 2200 meters. In winter just a few kilometers from here are the ski slopes of Malcesine. In fact, Brenzone you can go trekking or to do "Nordic walking".

Summer in the city has all the conditions for Windsurfing and sailing - this is facilitated by the calm waters of lake Garda and light breezes. Not less popular is also diving, water skiing and fishing. Fans of extreme sports are waiting for the steep slopes of Monte Baldo with routes of different difficulty levels, rafting and Canoeing. For a peaceful stay perfectly suited to horseback riding and playing tennis or Golf.