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Bressanone: photo description (Bressanone)

Bressanone, Brixen is a town in South Tyrol, 40 km North of Bolzano. It is the third largest and oldest city in the province (first mentioned in documents in 901, the year), artistic and cultural center of the valley. Located at the confluence of the Rienz ASAC and 45 km from the Brenner pass on the Italo-Austrian border. From the East it is framed by the mountains of Plose and Monte Telegrafo, and to the West rises the Monte Pascolo (2436 m). The city is known as a major skiing resort (the Plose).

The territory of present-day Bolzano was inhabited in the upper Paleolithic (8th Millennium BC). In the 15th century BC came the Romans, who laid the settlement of Sabiona. Only 590 years the town was captured by the Bavarians. The first documentary mention of the city is found in the 901-m to year, and at the end of the 10th century, moved Bishop's courtyard region. The local Bishop was even appointed by the Pope in 1039, the year, but his papacy lasted only 23 days. The diocese was abolished in 1803, the year, and the whole area was dominated by the Austrian Empire. Only after the end of World war I Bolzano was returned to Italy.

Among the sights worth noting the Cathedral of the 10th century, later rebuilt in the Baroque style, Belvedere Palace - Renaissance residence of the Bishop of the 13th century, with the Diocesan Museum (it contains the manger with 5 figurines thousands of works by Karl Franz Lodron), round Church of San Michele (11th century) with a Gothic choir and the bell tower and the unique pharmacy Museum, which for seven generations run by a family Feast. In addition, in the vicinity of Bressanone you can see the castle of Rodeneck with wonderful frescoes from the early 13th century, as well as castles Reifenstein and Trostburg.