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Brunico: photo description (Brunico)

Bruneck is a small town located in the territory of the popular ski resort Kronplatz in the Italian region Trentino-Alto Adige / südtirol. Founded in the 13th century, today it is the centre of the Puster valley. You can get here from the airports of Verona, Innsbruck in Austria and Munich. 35 km is the town of Brixen and 70 km lies Bolzano.

According to historical documents, Bruneck was founded by Bishop Bruno von Kirchberg, and in the 14-15-th centuries became a very prosperous town because of its convenient location on the route between Augsburg and Venice. Just then there was founded the famous school of art, graduates of which, in particular, were Michael and Friedrich Pahari. In the 16th century Bruneck together with the whole Val Pusteria valley became part of the Tyrolean lands and only after the First World war became part of Italy.

Today Bruneck is a popular ski resort. It lies at an altitude of 835 meters above sea level surrounded by peaks of the Kronplatz, AST-J, Sambuca and Rieserferner. Local trails are suitable for both beginners and experienced skiers. There is also entertainment for children such as the center Croniworld. Just Brunete 44 runs and 34 ski lifts and on the new cable road Kronplatz Alta Badia you can easily reach the famous slopes of the Sella Ronda.

Proximity to Bruneck is called in the first place, the ancient castle of Bruneck, which was built in 1251, the year the Bishop von Kirchenberg. To get to the castle by the road leading from the East gate of the city. Today, in one wing of the Castel Brunico branch opened the Mountain Museum of Reinhold Messner. And in the vicinity of the town you can see the castles of Castel Badia of the 10th century, the Castello di Tures of the 13th century, and Castel Lamberto.

Interesting and religious buildings Brunico - the Baroque Church of Santa Caterina 14th century, Raikiri, the Church of Santo Spirito and, of course, the Ursulines Museum, which displays medieval artifacts.

Not to mention the natural beauty of the Val Pusteria - Brunico around parks Fanes-Sennes-Braies, Verdetti di Ries-Aurina and Puez-Odle, offering numerous opportunities for recreation.