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Burano: photos, description (Burano)

Burano is an island situated 7 km from Venice and under its administrative control. You can get here in just 40 minutes by water-bus "vaporetto". According to the latest census, the population of Burano is home to about 3 thousand people.

In fact, Burano is composed of four individual Islands, which are separated from each other by narrow, only 10 meters wide, canals - Rio Ponticello in the West, Rio Zucca in the South and Rio Terranova in the East. Once there was a fifth island, but his canal was covered with earth and turned into the street, via Baldassare Galuppi, linking the Islands of San Martino Destra and San Martino Sinistra.

Probably, the first inhabitants of Burano were the Romans, whose place in the 6th century BC came the people from the city of Altino. There are two versions of the origin of the name of the island. One of them, the island named for the ancient family of Burian. On the other - Burano got its name by the name of a small island, Baranello, located 8 km to the South.

Despite the fact that soon after colonization, the island became a thriving commune, he was in administrative dependence on Torcello and had such privileges as Murano. Of particular importance Burano acquired only in the 16th century, when local women are engaged in weaving lace - the technology of its production, the Venetians brought them under the control of Cyprus. After a little time Burano lace began to export to other European countries, and it conquered the aristocratic world. But in the 18th century began the decline of the crafts, which could be restored only after 1872, the year when on the Burano school was opened for the production of lace. This craft exists to this day, although only a small number of masters currently uses a traditional weaving technique. Despite this, the Burano lace is one of the symbols of Venice.

Another "highlight" of Burano is its small colorful houses, so pleasing to the eye of the tourist. Interesting fact - if today any resident of Burano wants to paint his house, he first must send the corresponding application to the administration and wait for permission, specifying certain colors that you can use when painting!

Among the other attractions Burano is a must-see Museum of Venetian lace, the only local Church of San Martino with a leaning bell tower is 52 meters, and paintings by the great Giambattista Tiepolo and Piazza Baldassare Galuppi, named after the composer born here.