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Bussana Vecchia,: photos, description (Bussana Vecchia)

Bussana Vecchia, located near Sanremo in the South-Western part of Liguria, about 20 km from the Italian-French border. Throughout the greater part of the 20th century it was a Ghost town, which in recent years began to develop as a center for the arts.

In 1887, the year the medieval village of Bussana was almost completely destroyed during the earthquake that shook the whole Liguria. During a strong quake nearly 2, thousands of local residents were in Church, which, unable to bear the brunt of the disaster, collapsed and buried people under the debris. Later the new settlement was built closer to the sea and destroyed the village became known as, Bussana Vecchia.

Since 1950-ies of the deserted village began to attract the attention of tourists, first of all, various artists and artists who were fascinated by the expressive ruins. In abandoned houses, they began to organize the Studio and gallery. Soon, Bussana Vecchia has become known as the international village of artists. However, the Italian government did not share this enthusiasm and have declared the city a life-threatening. Was ordered to destroy all the preserved buildings of the stairs to prevent people on the upper floors of houses.

Now get to Bussana Vecchia, can be narrow and quite steep road. In the town are the ruins of the Church and the ruins of numerous houses, which create the appearance of a Ghost town. A previously unoccupied home, suitable for life, the busy workshops of artists.

Bussana Vecchia, a very interesting place to tour. Art galleries and small shops effectively contrasted with the ruins of buildings. Unusual look and an abandoned paved sidewalks, which breaks through diverse vegetation.