/ / The former slaughterhouse of Santa Anna: photos, description (Urban center - ex macello)

The former slaughterhouse of Santa Anna: photos, description (Urban center - ex macello)

The city center of Piacenza, the former slaughterhouse is one of the most unusual sights of the city. The site of the former slaughterhouse in via main commercial - one of the outstanding examples of industrial architecture in Piacenza - now houses the faculty of architecture of the Milan Institute of technology - a Mecca for architects, landscape designers and restorers; office of Department of town planning Piacenza; the natural history Museum and municipal historical archive. The whole complex now known as the "City center".

The former slaughterhouse located within the territory bounded by the streets via main commercial, Canton Morón, Stradone Farnese and via Caccialupi and Piazzale libertà. The main entrance to the complex with the elegant portal is on via Scalabrini, there's another one from the street Stradone Farnese - it has a metal structure with through holes. Inside the main building is surrounded by a high brick wall.

Slaughterhouse Santa Ana was built between 1892 and 1894 years on the instructions of the municipality in the old building, Carmine, built in the early 19th century did not satisfy the requirements of time and could not meet the growing demand for meat. The complex of Santa Anna has undergone a number of changes in the organization of space, and was somewhat increased in size. Inside should explore innovative refrigeration room and warehouse, designed by the engineer Giovanni Perrault in 1910 year. Slaughterhouse Santa Anna worked until 1985. In 1989, the year the complex was transferred to the jurisdiction of the office for cultural and architectural heritage of the Emilia-Romagna region, since it represents an outstanding example of industrial architecture of the late 19th century.