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Val di Noto: photo description (Val di Noto)

Val di Noto valley, located in the South-Eastern part of Sicily at the foot of the Iblean mountains. In 1693 the entire region with numerous towns and villages were destroyed during the earthquake. The reconstruction that took place after the cataclysm, has created a unique architectural style that became known as the "Sicilian Baroque". Most vivid examples of this style can be seen in the town of Noto, which today is the main tourist center of the valley.

It is known that since the time of the early Renaissance, the architects wanted to build a great city, the layout of which reflects was a rational approach, and its streets and buildings were organized according to their function and beauty. In reality, only a fraction of these projects come to fruition, and most of them had to limit the redevelopment of private streets, as it did with the Strada Nuova in Florence. And only in Sicily, the architects were able to realize their dreams and build several ideal cities. These new towns and villages were designed in accordance with the layout styles of the Renaissance and Baroque, in which streets or cross each other in right angle or starting from major urban sites like squares. Major buildings - churches, cloisters and palaces were built to create amazing in its beauty panorama. Many of the towns of the Val di Noto had a certain form, such as Grammichele, having in the plan a hexagon whose center is the square with the parish Church and the town hall. Another distinctive feature of these cities is a homogeneous structure of the buildings - in the construction widely used the Baroque style.

Another tourist attractions of the Val di Noto is an ancient city Akrai, now part of the commune of Palazzolo Acreide. It was founded in the 7th century BC and became the first colony of the Corinthians in Sicily. The ruins of the once prosperous city was discovered in the 16th century, however, the first excavations were carried out only three centuries later.

In 2002, the eight cities of the valley - Caltagirone, Militello in Val di Catania, Catania, Modica, Noto, Palazzolo Acreide, Ragusa and Scicli - were listed as world Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.