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Valgrande: photos, description (Valgrande)

Valgrande valley is surrounded by an embankment of fishing in the surrounding area of Bibione, in the Italian region of Veneto. The natural beauty of these places is so amazing that in 1993, the year the valley was classified as a "place for walks any difference." The total area of the valley - about 475 hectares, of which there are 320 different water sources such as canals, mill ponds, lagoons and reed beds.

In the center of the Valgrande is a mill pond with low salinity, which is home to such fish species as mullet, sea bass, eel, sea bream. The valley itself was formed as a result of the Delta of the river Tagliamento. Fishing the same story Valgrande began in the 17th century, when the lowlands Bibione was partially flooded. At the time, issued a decree on closing all fishing farms on the territory of the Venetian lagoon, as it was believed that they disrupt the natural flow of water. There was a need to find other places in the Veneto, where we could continue to breed fish. It was then that the Venetian noble Antonio da Molin decided to flood the lowland of Lucca, to turn them into "fishing reserve". Of course, this decision was controversial, its consequences have significantly changed the ecological situation in the region and continue to be felt to this day.

Today Valgrande one of the most interesting natural and cultural sites of the region, where a relatively small area mixes a variety of different ecosystems: the mill pond, divided into fish Creek, a forest with high biodiversity, the bedrock of the dunes, which still find artifacts from the Roman period, old "casone di Valle" - typical house of the inhabitants of the valley, well hidden in the landscape.

In 1991 and 1994, the year at the foot of a sandy hill known as Matteron dei Frati, archaeological excavations were conducted, during which was discovered the remains of a large Villa, consisting of seven rooms (three of which had mosaic floors).

To visit Valgrande in several ways - on foot, by bike or within horseback riding tour. Usually the tour consists of three parts. First, visitors enter a grove of beech trees (some oaks here 150 years!), where it is cool even in the summer heat. This, incidentally, is the most northerly oak grove in Italy. Then on the narrow path, they are moved to the lagoon, on the banks of which you can admire the magnificent views and to observe nesting birds. Finally, tourists are transferred to the bedrock of the dune pine forest and flower meadow - here they can get acquainted with the ruins of antique villas, and special attention can even see the local inhabitants, who usually hide in thickets, wild horses, deer and wild boars.