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Valpolicella: photo description (Valpolicella)

Valpolicella is a small picturesque valley in the outskirts of Verona, famous worldwide for its wines - "Recioto", "Ripasso" and "Amarone". In addition, on the territory of the valley is located several cultural and historical attractions worthy of a visit. The tourists will appreciate the cozy medieval town of San Pietro Incariano, Fumane, Negrar, Pedemonte, each of which you can not find one excellent winery and good restaurants. However, it is worth noting that not every winery can be accessed from the street - for example, Negrar, "City of Wine", there are few places which offer to taste this popular drink. In each of these places you need to call in advance and arrange your visit. Same in Negrar on Mondays there is a market where you can buy everything from fresh local produce to handcrafted Souvenirs.

In addition to the wine in Valpolicella should taste the delicacies of local cuisine: for example, fresh or seasoned cheese Monte Veronese" produced in the mountains of Verona the sausage "soppressa" or "risotto al Amarone - risotto with wine "Amarone".

Lovers of natural beauty will not be disappointed either colorful scenery and landscapes of Northern Italy. So, in the town of Molina, a few kilometers from Fumane is a beautiful Park Cascades Molina waterfalls and Hiking trails available.

To reach Valpolicella is relatively easy - from Verona need to go on highway A4 in the direction of Trento. By the way, not far from the valley is lake Garda - the largest in Italy and one of the most famous in the world.