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Varese: photo description (Varese)

Lucca - an ancient town in the Italian region Lombardy, located on the border with Switzerland North of Milan. The administrative center of the homonymous province. It stands on the banks of lake Varese and specializiruetsya on the production of shoes.

The first mention of the lake Como belong to the 922-th year. In the 11-12th centuries it was ruled by the counts of Lavagna, and at the end of the 14th century the Lucca was purchased by a Genoese Governor, Adorno Antoniotto. Later history of the town is closely intertwined with the fate of the Genoese Republic. In 1766, by order of the Empress Maria Theresa, the city became the property of Francesco D este. In the mid-19th century in the surroundings of Varese did the battle in which Garibaldi defeated the troops of the Habsburgs. And after joining Italy, the city became a favorite place for summer vacation among the people of Northern Italy.

Despite the fact that during the reign of Mussolini Varese was substantially rebuilt, the city has preserved monuments of history and architecture. For example, the Basilica of San Vittore, built in 1580-1615-m years, - it is remarkable for its Baroque bell tower and paintings by Lombard artists. Noteworthy is the Palace Villa of Francesco d'este, with splendid Park of the 18th century. And not far from Varese, is the mountain chapel of the 17th century, in 2003 was included into the UNESCO world Cultural Heritage site, they have long attracted pilgrims. The chapel is located on the territory of the Park of Campo dei Fiori. In addition, in Varese there are plenty of interesting museums - the archaeological, the prehistoric Museum Ponti, the Museum of modern art, the house-Museum of Palagi etc.