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Varenna: photo description (Varenna)

Varenna is a small resort town on the shores of lake Como in Lecco province, located 60 km North of Milan and about 20 km Northwest of Lecco. According to the last census it resides only about a thousand people. In Varenna, in the quarter Fiumelatte flows the shortest river in Italy - she has a length of only 250 meters. And its name - Fiumelatte, which translated from Italian means "milk river", it was the color of the water.

The main attraction is Varenna the Castello di Vezio, built in the 11th century and several times altered. During the First World war its territory was built the underground punishment cells, which in 1999 was opened to the public. Passing through suspension bridge, you can get into the main tower of the castle and climb to its summit, which offers wonderful views of lake Como. Along the North side of the castle is a gravel path which in spring is smothered in flowers of great beauty. If to lean on the railing, you can see the sprawling Varenna. From there it is possible to climb the stairs up to the olive grove. Today, Castello di Vezio is the Falcon farm where you can see a real costume show. Here, bred birds of prey, training them to hunt, - Buzzards, Buzzard, barn owl, Mediterranean falcons and long-eared owls.

Furthermore in the surroundings of Varenna worth a visit to Villa Cipressi and Monastero. The latter was once a Cistercian monastery, as the name implies, and was dedicated to Mary Magdalene. In 1208 it was built by the monks, escaped from the Comacina island (a small island on lake Como) after he was devastated in the war between Milan and Como. In 1567, the monastery was abolished, and the building itself along with the belonging to him land was purchased by the family of Mornico. One hundred years later, Lelio, Mornico completely rebuilt the convent and turned it into a luxurious refuge. Then for many years the Villa was passed from hand to hand until it became the property of Marco de MArchI, who gave her local Hydrobiological and Limnological Institute. And since 1963 in Villa Monastero is an international cultural and research centre. Around it features a wonderful garden with citrus trees, cypresses, pines and agaves. Alleys of the garden are decorated with statues and bas-reliefs.

Close to Villa Monastero is Villa Cipressi, which was recently purchased by the local municipality. Soon her intend to turn into a cultural center. Cipressi Villa that once belonged to the family of Serpentis one of the oldest in Varenna, also surrounded by a large Park with cypress groves, from which it got its name.