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Velia: photos, description (Velia)

Velia is the Italian name of the ancient town of Elea located on the territory of the modern commune of Asha in the province of Salerno in the Italian region of Campania. The city was founded around 538-535-m years BC the ancient Greeks who arrived on the Peninsula from Phocaea (modern Turkey), conquered by the Persians. Velia was known as the birthplace of the philosophers Parmenides and Zeno of Elea, as well as his philosophical Eleatic school, where students developed questions about Genesis. Interestingly, the city was conquered by Lucana, and became part of the Roman Empire in 273-m BC In the Middle ages the site of the ancient Acropolis of Elea, situated on the Cape was renamed to Castellammare della Bruca.

Velia is located near the Tyrrhenian coast in a hilly area near Marina di Casalvelino and Marina di Asha. Passing close to road links to Agropoli and Chilendarsky Riviera. The city's population lives mostly on the plain at the sea and also hilly areas Enotriya, Bosco and Scrivo.

Places are Velia ruins of the ancient city - fragments of the city walls, with traces of a gate and several towers with a total length of over three miles. These walls belong to three different periods, when this was built from the same local crystalline limestone. Also preserved cisterns to collect rainwater and the ruins of several buildings.