/ / The Verona amphitheatre: photos, description (Arena di Verona)

The Verona amphitheatre: photos, description (Arena di Verona)

The Verona amphitheatre is located on the main square, Piazza Bra, is the third largest ancient amphitheatre, built in the era of Ancient Rome, and one of the most well-preserved. Historians date this structure to around 30 BC; at that time it consisted of 4 elliptical rings, and was lined with white and pink limestone. Its current facade is made of stone, river pebbles and bricks. In 2000, the amphitheatre of Verona was listed as a world Natural Heritage site by UNESCO.

About two thousand years ago on this stage, accommodates more than 30 thousand people, was held brutal gladiatorial combat, naval battles of naumachia and circus performances. Unfortunately, a strong earthquake of 1117 destroyed almost completely the outer wall of the amphitheatre. However, the role of the arena in the city has not decreased: in the middle ages is arranged indicative execution of heretics, knight tournaments and festivals, and later of fighting with the bulls. Finally, with the advent of the 20th century, the amphitheater became the main area of Verona for the production of Opera performances, which is annually visited by over half a million people! The first performance was "Aida" by Giuseppe Verdi, which became a kind of hallmark of the new theatre scene. Since then, there were the legendary Opera singers Maria Callas, Luciano Pavarotti, Placido Domingo, Renata was the year and other stars of world size. Here are the concerts and stars of pop music. More recently, the capacity of the amphitheater was 20 thousand spectators, but for safety reasons has been reduced to 15 thousand.