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Vetulonia: photos, description (Vetulonia)

Vetulonia is a small town in the province of Grosseto, located on the site of the homonymous ancient city of the Etruscans. Until 1887, the year he was known as Colonnata or Colonna di Buriano. Today in this tiny town lies at an altitude of 300 meters above sea level, is home to only about 200 people.

Vetulonia was founded by the ancient italic people, the Etruscans. In the 7th century BC the city along with the tribes of the Latins entered into an Alliance against Rome, but in Roman times the position has deteriorated due to constant epidemics of malaria. Medieval Vetulonia little is known: then the city was part of the commune of Massa Marittima, and later was transferred to Siena. Only in 1881, the year during archaeological excavations on the hill of Colonna di Buriano discovered the ancient Etruscan city. From him to the present day, the remains of the limestone city walls Mura delle Arche (Walls Cyclops), dated 6-5-th centuries BC, and two necropolis, more studied in the end of the 19th century. In one of the tombs of Vetulonia was found the iron rod and halberd, as well as a gravestone with the inscription "Abel Felucca". On the basis of the rich equipment of the cemeteries the archaeologists put forward the version about the importance veteranskoy elite. Only in the Etruscan city was discovered more than a thousand tombs, dated to the 7th century BC, artifacts from which are now exhibited in the museums of Grosseto and Florence. And the most important tomb in this "richest and most interesting necropolis of Northern Etruria" was covered by the tombstone hills, which are still the dominant feature of the local landscape.