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Vico Equense: photo description (Vico Equense)

Vico Equense is a coastal town in the province of Naples in the Italian region of Campania, in recent years, turned into a popular resort. Vico is part of an extensive urban zone of the Gulf of Naples, and therefore the beaches are like the rest in the first place the residents of Naples. The town is located on the volcanic rock in the vicinity of Vesuvius, of Monte Faito, the ancient city of Pompeii and the ferry pier, from where you can enjoy excursions to Capri. Nearby are the picturesque coastal towns of Castellammare di Stabia, Meta, piano di Sorrento, Pimonte and is still a popular resort of Positano.

In ancient times the site of the modern Vico Equense located pre-Roman necropolis of the 7th century BC, fragments of which were discovered during archaeological excavations. Later, in the era of Ancient Rome, when the city was known under the Latin name Aquana, Roman patricians began to build their villas and summer residences. After a long period of decline, Vico began to flourish only at the end of the 13th century, when the city gained independence from the Duchy of Sorrento. Here liked to stop king Charles II of Naples, who in 1301, the year even built in Vico castle. To this period also belongs the construction of the Cathedral - the only Gothic Cathedral in the Sorrento Peninsula.

The most popular beaches of Vico Equense are Marina di Seiano, Marina di Vico, Lido sporting, Luo Scracho, Torrellano-Close and Capo La Gala. On the beach Lo Scrajo is also a thermal Spa Terme dello Scrajo, the sources of which were known to the Romans. And the beach of Marina di Vico boasts huge coral reef of Scoglio della Madonnina, popular among divers.

Also in Vico Equense, you can visit the mineralogical Museum, with 3.5 thousand exhibits brought from all over the world. Among them are fragments of meteorites, two dinosaur eggs, fossils of mesosaur and forever in the amber of insects.