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Villa Arconati: photos, description (Villa Arconati)

Villa Arconati, also known as Castellazzo degli Arconati, the Palace and extensive gardens in a rural location in the district of Castellazzo city Bollate near Milan. Built in Baroque style in the 17th and 18th centuries, today it functions as a Museum and venue for various cultural events and meetings.

In the Middle ages there was a castle, hence the name, Castellazzo. In 1610, the year it was bought by Galeazzo Arconati, a cousin of cardinal Federico Borromeo. Galeazzo was a famous patron of the arts, in the years of his ownership the castle building was renovated and re-furnished. He's in 1621, the year I moved here my collection of antique Roman sculptures. By the way, one time Galeazzo Arconati was owned by the famous "Atlantic Codex" is a manuscript of Leonardo da Vinci.

Construction work on the grounds of the castle continued after 1648, the year when the grandson of Galeazzo, count Luigi Maria Arconati, and in 1671, the year when Giuseppe Maria Arconati. In 1742, the year the architect Giovanni Ruggeri, was hired to decorate the Palace and its extensions, and the brothers Galliari engaged in painting interior murals. After 1772, the year the Palace passed to the family of Busk, which attracted Giocondo Albertolli to the decoration of the stairs cage with frescoes in the style of "trom-d Olga".

Since 2011, the year the Villa is owned by the Foundation Augusto Rancilio and is part of the project of the government of the Lombardy region to create a network of "Villa Gentilicia the Lombard. The project aims at the conservation of the architectural heritage of the region and its use for teaching and education. The garden, laid out in the 18th century is under reconstruction.