/ / Braghieri Albesani Villa: photos, description (Villa Braghieri Albesani)

Braghieri Albesani Villa: photos, description (Villa Braghieri Albesani)

Villa Braghieri Albesani is one of the tourist attractions of the province of Piacenza, located in the town of Castel San Giovanni. The Villa was built in the late 17th century by order of count Daniele Chiapponi who wanted to spend the summer months outside the city. But finally completed it was only in the late 17th century, when it became the property of the Albesani family. It was then that the Villa was transformed into an important center of social and cultural life of the commune and meeting place for local celebrities. In the 20th century a new owner, a lawyer, Braghieri, handed it to the jurisdiction of the municipality of Castel San Giovanni. The structure consists of 23 rooms, of which there is rich furniture and gorgeous decorations.

Recent restoration work has revealed a notable architectural value of the Villa, notable for its fine stucco decorations and tempera (painting technique). Camera Svizzera (Swiss room) attracts the attention of wall collages done in Alsace. Original stucco decorations can be seen in the Hall della Musica (Music hall), Salotto Rosso (the red room) and the Hall della Caccia (Hunting room). And the same tempera del Bilardo adorns the Hall (snooker room), Music room, the historical library and the upper floor in Camera Dell'angelo (angel's Room). The wonderful decoration is preserved also in the living room, guest bedroom and the beautiful bagno Rosa (Pink bathroom). Thanks to the restoration carried out with support from the regional Institute for protection of cultural heritage, the artistic value of the Villa was preserved and became available for tourists.

Part of the Villa, Braghieri Albesani is a historical archive and library, and in the basement is located the ethnographic Museum with archaeological artifacts, fossil remains and ancient agricultural tools. It also exhibits an interesting collection of old measuring instruments, and also a collection of photos of 1930-1940-ies. In summer, the Park next to the Villa is open to the public.