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Villa Vecchia: photos, description (Villa Vecchia)

Villa Vecchia - Old Villa is one of the most popular attractions of Cosenza in the Italian region of Calabria. It is a city Park, which is situated in the historical centre of Cosenza on Piazza 15 Marzo (March 15). This area is known among locals, as Cosenza Vecchia.

Villa Vecchia is located near the Palazzo della Prefettura and has several entrances. In addition to get to the Park from the famous Teatro Alfonso Rendano, recently renovated.

At Villa Vecchia, which is a few levels, you can see several statues, fountains and a circular area, which was originally engineered as an amphitheater. Green oasis with secluded walkways give the Park a special atmosphere and make it one of the favorite places of rest of residents and guests of Cosenza. Here during the year a number of cultural and social events, the largest of which is probably the Festa delle Invasioni - during this holiday Villa Vecchia gather intellectuals and artists from around the world. Here are often organized musical shows, for example, in different years, the Park was made by Patricia Lee Smith and Lou reed.