/ / Villa Grimani Gazette: photos, description (Villa Gazzotti Grimani)

Villa Grimani Gazette: photos, description (Villa Gazzotti Grimani)

Villa Grimani Gazette - Renaissance Villa, one of the early works of Andrea Palladio, located in the village Berezina near Vicenza. In 1994, the year inscribed in the UNESCO world Cultural Heritage site by UNESCO.

The Villa was designed and built in 1540-ies for the Venetian Taddeo Gazzotti and, like most other creations of Palladio, includes elements of pre-existing buildings. In 1550, the year, shortly before the completion of construction, Gazzotti sold the Villa Girolamo Grimani. The appearance of the building suggests that her customer was a man who wanted to show the world its importance and status. Here for the first time, Palladio gives the structure the shape of a cube. A three-stage arcade in the Central part, reminiscent of Villa godi, is crowned with a triangular pediment and is a dominant feature of the entire facade. It is unlikely this decision was the notion of Palladio - similar items can be found in the works of Giovanni Maria Falconetto. Rather, the way Palladio wanted to give existing forms of new sound. New was the fact that the arcade had a height of one storey of the building, and the use of a pediment as a symbol of high status of the owner of the Villa did not have analogues in secular architecture of the Veneto at that time. Initially it was assumed that to the Lodge will conduct a wide flight of stairs. The same narrow flight of stairs, now leading to the center of the arcade, was added later.

In addition, there is Gazette for the first time in the region in particular was used of wall space - Palladio wanted to give it plasticity. Eight pilasters with composite capitals that are slightly projected out of the surface of the walls, divide the facade into eight vertical sections. At the same time, the Central part of the three-stage arcade stands out slightly from the facade. The window connected with the building of the Villa with a low sill that runs along the entire facade. In contrast with the Villa godi and the Villa Piovene, Windows here - not just holes in the wall, but an integral architectural elements of the facade with their projecting triangular pediments on top.

Today Villa Grimani Gazette in need of restoration, especially moldings, which had become dilapidated so that it is visible through the brickwork.