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Villa della Regina: photos, description (Villa della Regina)

Villa della Regina is a Palace in Turin, built in the 17th century for the ruling Savoy dynasty. The original structure was first designed in 1615, the year of the Italian soldier, architect and military engineer, Ascanio Vitozzi. After his death the project was made by father and son Carlo and Amedeo di Castellamonte. The Palace, which had its own vineyard, was built for the Maurice of Savoy during the reign of his brother, the Duke Victor Amadeus I. 1637, the year after the death of Victor Amadeus I, his widow Maria Christina became Regent in the interest of the minor son, and Maurice and another brother, the Prince of Carignano Tom Francois, the former in opposition, were forced to flee to Spain.

After the death of Maurice and his wife, the Villa became the property of Anna Maria of Orleans, niece of the French king Louis XIV and wife of Duke Victor Amadeus II. In her possession was made most of the decorations of the Villa, which survived until our days. From 1713 to 1720 years, Victor Amadeus II had the title of King of Sicily - hence the name Villa della Regina (Villa of the Queen). In this building Anna Maria died in 1728, the year. Her eldest daughter, Marie Adelaide, to join the right of inheritance, tried to turn the Villa into a small Palace of Versailles. Daughter-in-law Anna Maria Polyxena Christina of Hesse-Rheinfels-Rotenburgskim also had a hand in the transformation of the Villa in its order the work performed in the main hall.

Inside, in the main hall, Villa della Regina are decorated with frescoes and paintings by Giovanni Battista Crosato, Daniel Seiter and Corrado Dzhakvinto. Attract the attention of fantastic motifs - grotesques of Filippo Minei and paintings by the brothers Domenico and Giuseppe Valeriani in the neighboring halls. Also notable lacquered Chinese chests of gilded wood. In the Park, lying around the Villa, you can see the pagoda Pavilion Solinge used for meetings of members of intellectual club, founded by Maurice of Savoy.

Villa della Regina remained the property of the Savoy family until 1868, the year when she was transferred to king Victor Emmanuel II Institute for army daughters. In 1994-m to year became the property of the state.