/ / Villa del Priorato di Malta: photos, description (Villa del Priorato di Malta)

Villa del Priorato di Malta: photos, description (Villa del Priorato di Malta)

Villa del Priorato di Malta on Aventine hill in Rome is the residence of the Priory of the order of Malta, the world's oldest chivalric order and the sovereign rights unit. Here is Embassy of Malta in Italy. The Villa is one of two Roman buildings belonging to the order has the status of extraterritoriality (the second - Palazzo Malta).

Villa Malta, facing the Tiber river and having direct access to the Pile bridge, the first bridge of Rome, stands on the site of a fortified Benedictine monastery of the 10th century. Later the monastery became the property of the knights Templar, and after the collapse of their order, to the Hospitallers, who were the predecessors of the order of Malta. In the 15-17-th centuries the Villa several times significantly rebuilt. In 1869, from the Government of Italy, it acquired the status of extraterritoriality. Inside you can see a gallery of portraits of the Grand masters of the order.

To get to the Villa Malta at via Santa Sabina, which rests in a small, picturesque Piazza Cavalieri di Malta. With the two sides of the square lined with cypress trees, preserved from the monastery garden. Here see the bell tower of the Church of San Anselmo in neo-Romanesque style (1893-1900), was standing at the international Benedictine Seminary.

Villa Malta is probably best known for a small hole in a Central arched passage, through which views of the green dome of St. Peter's Basilica, the main Church of the Roman Catholic Church.

Ground floor - open part of the garden with lawns and lawns - connects the Villa with the ancient Church of the order of Santa Maria del Priorato, which was completely rebuilt in 1765 in the neoclassical style (probably one of the earliest in Rome samples of this architectural style). The facade of the Church surmounted by a pediment, paired columns on either side of the door decorated with an intricate capitals with images of sphinxes.