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Villa Duodo: photos, description (Villa Duodo)

Villa Duodo, also known as Villa Valle - aristocratic residence, located in the town of Monselice near Padua. It is believed that the architect of the Villa was Vincenzo Scamozzi, although it is known that some of the later elements is the work of architect Andrea Tirali. The Villa was built for the Venetian nobleman Francesco Duodo about 1592, the year.

Standing on top of the rock of Monselice Villa, which clearly discern the features of Palladian architecture, is not so much a Villa as religious complex. Two residential buildings in L-shape form a rectangular courtyard. Next to the Villa stands the Church of San Giorgio, which is the latest and largest Church in the Holy pilgrimage.

Duodo Villa, built on the site of an ancient castle, built of plastered stone with some architectural elements of hewn stone. The main wing of the Villa has two floors and resembles a triumphal arch, framed by symmetrical housing sections. The entire complex was expanded at the initiative of Nikola Duodo, grandson of Francesco, - he ordered to build the second wing, which was completed in 1740, the year. This part of the Villa is connected to the low Church by a covered walkway.

Around the Villa stretches a geometrical garden in the Renaissance style with Exedra - a semicircular alcove with deep seats, is dedicated to Saint Francis Xavier, who stayed here in 1537, the year when the Villa was still the castle. In Central eksedry installed the crucifixion, and its walls decorated with empty niches.

Next to the Villa is Santuario delle Sette Chiese (the Sanctuary of the Seven Churches) - six chapels, designed by the same Scamozzi, the seventh is the aforementioned Church of San Giorgio, which holds the remains of an early Christian Martyr. These chapels became a popular place of pilgrimage, when Pope Paul V granted to pilgrims who visited them the same indulgences as for visiting the seven basilicas of Rome.

Today the Villa Duodo often called Villa del Valle. The garden and chapel are open to the public, but the Villa itself is private property.