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Villa Lanfranchi: photos, description (Villa Lanfranchi)

Villa Lanfranchi located in the town of Lesignano de ' Bagni in the Parma province 20 km North of the city of Parma. It was built in the second half of the 16th century on the ruins of the 14th century. Today the Villa is one of the oldest in the entire province. It is notable for its characteristic shape of the castle-era Villa Farnese - solid structure in the form of a square, perfectly suitable for defense.

The construction of the Villa was doing the counts Sforza after, in 1548, the year by order of Pope Paul III, they were transferred into the possession of the towns of Santa Maria del piano and Lesignano. In the 17th century the Villa was property of the Marquis Cesarini Sforza, later moved to a wealthy nobleman by the name of Fusari and over 18-20-th centuries several times changed owners. The last owner was a film Director Mario Lanfranchi whose name is Villa and is known today.

Near the Villa there is a large chapel that was probably built back when Marquis Sforza in 1569-1570-m years. The chapel is dedicated to St. Mary Magdalene. By the end of the 18th century it fell into disrepair and was turned into a warehouse for the storage of agricultural equipment. Only in 1962-m to year by the Bishop of Parma the chapel was restored and regained its purpose.

You should pay attention to the spacious and elegant Italian-style garden that surrounds the Villa. It was designed by Antonio Vitali in 1996-1997 the years and decorated with sculptures of the 17th-18th centuries.

Local legend has it that a deep well in the basement of the Villa, called "give mill tayi" ("the well of a thousand blades"), for a long time served in order to flush down the unwanted guests. They say that there are also haunted by the Ghost of a young girl that belonged to the Sforza family, and died because of unrequited love.

To reach Villa Lanfranchi by car coming from Parma to Langhirano side and turning on Pilastro or Paniccia. Also from Parma buses right in Lesignano de Bagni.