/ / Villa Letizia: pictures, description (Villa Letizia)

Villa Letizia: pictures, description (Villa Letizia)

Villa Laetitia, also known as Villa Poniatowski, is one of the oldest buildings of Livorno, located on the outskirts of the quarter Ardenza near the Racecourse Federico Caprilli.

In the first half of the 19th century Prince Svyatoslav Poniatowski ordered to build in Livorno Villa for their sons, Carlo and Giuseppe. Later, the residence passed to the family Vitelleschi, and still later to David Bondy who, in the 1870-ies fully renovated, with the addition of several rooms, pereplanirovat garden and erected an octagonal tower, which is shaped like the famous Torre del Marzocco. In 1888, the year the property inheritance was transferred to Esther's cave, the widow of Bondi and daughter of the Jewish merchant from Livorno.

At the end of the 19th century the Northern part of the estate was converted into the Hippodrome (the Hippodrome Federico Caprilli), while the Villa itself became the property of the heirs of a family of cave-Bondi, who owned it until 1925. Then the residence was sold to the Milanese concern "Leticia" involved in real estate. In 1934, the year after a period of abandonment and decline, the building was transformed into a summer College, and at the beginning of the 21st century in the carefully restored Villa is the school "Leonardo da Vinci".

An imposing structure hidden among the thick Mediterranean vegetation, surrounded by bars. The entrance is located on the South side. Here attracts the attention of the elegant Belvedere with loggia, however, are not in the best condition. At the facade you can see the ladder in the Tuscan style. The Villa itself has a rectangular shape, framed by two small symmetrical porches. South facade, facing the Park, is notable for a number of window openings and balconies in the centre of the second floor.