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Villa Lisis: photos, description (Villa Lysis)

Villa Lisis, initially called La Gloriette, today still known as Villa Fersen - is a Villa on Capri built by industrialist and poet Jacques Personam in 1905-m to year. "Dedicated to the youth of love", it became a haven for Fersen, who took refuge here after a sex scandal involving Parisian schoolboys.

In 1904, the year acquired Fersen in Capri land area of 12 thousand sq. m. for 15 thousand lire. Real designer Villa still remains unknown. There have been suggestions that the architect could be one Fersina, the artist Edward Kimo, but they were not confirmed. Detailed description of the house is found in the novel the face Peyrefitte 1959, the year dedicated to the years that Fersen spent on Capri with his lover Nino Cesarini.

During the construction of Villa with one of the workers had an accident in which he died, and Fersen decided at some time to disappear to wait out the anger of local residents. He went on a voyage to Ceylon, where I became addicted to the opium, and after the First World war, the opium was added to the cocaine. In 1923, the year Fersen died of a drug overdose. The Villa became the property of his sister, Germany, but with the right to lifetime use of it to Nino Cesarini. Cesarini sold it right Germane over 200 thousand liras and went to live in Rome. Later Germena bequeathed the Villa to her daughter, the Countess of Castelbianco.

By the beginning of 1980-ies Villa Lisis was in a deplorable condition, because the last repair work on it provodilis in 1934 year. In 1985, the year the Villa became the property of the government of Italy, which was restored under the guidance of a Tuscan architect Marcello Quiriconi and in 1995 year opened for tourists. Today the Villa Lisis can be rented for various cultural and private events.

The style of the Villa Lisis can be described as art Nouveau with some neoclassical elements, a kind of "neo-classical decadence". The Latin inscription above the entrance "AMORI ET DOLORI SACRVM" ("the Temple of love and sorrow") reflects the romantic view Jacques Fersen about himself. The name of the Villa refers to the Socratic dialogue "Lysis", in which he talks about friendship and a sense of homosexual love.

A marble staircase leads to the second floor where there are bedrooms with panoramic terraces and a living room. Bedroom Fersen was located on the top floor, its Windows facing East, three Windows overlook the Gulf of Naples, from the other three Monte Tiberio. In the basement of the Villa there is a room for Smoking opium, known as the Chinese room.

A separate staircase connects the Villa with a large garden, and a few hundred meters South-East from the Villa Lisis you can see the ruins of the Villa Jovis, one of the 12 villas of Emperor Tiberius on the island of Capri.