/ / Villa Maiano: photo, description (Villa Maiano)

Villa Maiano: photo, description (Villa Maiano)

Villa Maiano located on via del Salviatino in the area of Maiano in Fiesole near Florence.

The original structure, known as Pelago di Maiano", was almost destroyed by a hurricane in 1467, the year, and then his owner, Bartolomeo degli Alessandri, sold the whole estate with a large plot of land to pay off debts. In the first half of the 16th century it passed to the Sforza family, then to Buonaparte, and still later it was bought by the family of the Pazzi. Only in 1850 year, the Villa became the property of John Leader, English politician and connoisseur. The eccentric politician has made the Villa Maiano his residence, starting with a complete overhaul of buildings and giving them the traits of neogothic style. He hired the architect Felice Francolini, who made radical changes to the look of the Villa of the 15th century. His project was raised first floor and built a Central tower with a loggia in the Gothic style. The Central courtyard was transformed into a spacious dance hall in the style of new Renaissance and is decorated with works by local artists. The final stage of the reconstruction was the construction of a private chapel in the Northern part of the Villa in 1863-1864-m years. A small chapel was built by the project of Joseph Francelli that created a secluded sanctuary with a single nave, separated from the Villa.

The Villa Maiano rested many celebrities such as Queen Victoria in 1893, the year that made some sketches of the local pond in his album. Today the Villa is owned by the Corsini family, so it is sometimes called the Corsini Villa of Maiano.

We should also mention the garden of the Villa. In front of the Villa is a lawn with a well and a pool that he loved to swim John Leader to maintain physical fitness. At the end of a paved terrace with stone balustrade is the best vantage point, which offers a wonderful view of the surroundings. In the Northern part of the estate you can see coniferous trees, water, and olive grove with statues, fountains and other decorations.