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Villa Malaparte: photo description Casa Malaparte)

Villa Malaparte - the house on the promontory of Punta Massullo on the Eastern shore of the island of Capri. One of the best examples of Italian modern architecture. The house was conceived around 1937, the year of the famous Italian architect Adalberto Libera for Curzio malaparte, but the employer rejected the proposed design and built the house himself with the help of local Mason Adolfo Amitrano.

Casa Malaparte is a red building with a ladder in the form of an inverted pyramid, leading to the roof patio (inner courtyard). On the roof is a curved white wall, whose height changes from one end to the other. The house itself is in a hazardous cliff at a height of 32 meters above the sea and facing the Gulf of Salerno. To get here you can either walk from the town of Capri or by boat, and then the stairs, carved in rock. By the way, the house and its interiors can be seen in the film Jean-Luc Godard's 1963, the year "Contempt" with Brigitte Bardot in the lead role.

After the death of Curzio malaparte in 1957, the year the house was abandoned. For many years the structure was exposed to attacks of vandals, and also suffered from natural disasters, the result of which was seriously damaged. Even beautiful Dutch oven was desecrated. Only in the late 1980's-early 1990-ies on the initiative Rositani Niccolo, the great-nephew of Curzio malaparte, was the first restoration of the Casa Malaparte, who returned home a residential appearance. Much of the original furniture remained in the house, because it's too heavy to move. For example, in the bedroom of the mistress and today you can see the marble built-in tub, which functions as before. There remained master bedroom and office with bookshelves. Interestingly, for the restoration of the Casa Malaparte, many Italian businessmen have donated building materials.

Today, Casa Malaparte is used for cultural events and is also the object of adoration or hatred of many architects around the world. You can get here, just drive through the entire island. The last part of the journey, which takes 25 minutes of slow pace, passes through private property, belonging to the Ronchi Foundation. All in all, the road from the town square of Capri, La Piazzetta home is about a half hour. If you go on a boat that, for security reasons, is possible only during a full calm, you will have to overcome the 99 steps, carved directly into the rock.