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Villa Manin: photos, description (Villa Manin)

42 km from the resort town of Lignano on the Adriatic coast of Italy in the town of Passariano Villa Manin, the family residence of the last Doge of the Venetian Republic. Today, the Villa houses several art galleries with works by Tiepolo, Kandinsky, Kubera, Monet and Munga, and its extensive Park regularly hosts concerts.

Villa Manin is an architectural complex built in the 16th century for the family Manin. The life of this amazing beauty industry has always been associated with the historical and political processes of the surrounding territory. In 1797, the year the Villa is located the French army under Napoleon. But the great General lived here and conducted important negotiations with allies and opponents. It is at this Villa, an agreement was signed that put an end to the existence of the Venetian Republic in favor of the Habsburg Empire. And so began the decline of the Manin family, which led to the desolation of the Villa in the 19th century.

Only in 1969, the year the building was purchased by the regional administration of Friuli-Venezia Giulia. Atrium Villa impresses all visitors with its richly decorated rooms with frescoes: the Triumph of Spring in the Central round room was painted Louis Dorigny. Also at the Villa Manin is located the Museum of carriages, the Arsenal Museum and the beautiful chapel of San Andrea. And around the house there is a Park with an area of 18 hectares with a romantic Avenue of Mimosa or the Avenue of Magnolias.