/ / The Villa medicea di Cafaggiolo: photos, description (Villa Medici di Cafaggiolo)

The Villa medicea di Cafaggiolo: photos, description (Villa Medici di Cafaggiolo)

The Villa medicea di Cafaggiolo - aristocratic Villa near the Tuscan town of Barberino di Mugello in the valley of the river Sieve is 25 km from Florence. Once it was one of the oldest and most beloved estates of the Medici family, which owned the Villa from the 14th century - then the owner of the Villa was Averardo de 'Medici, whose son, Giovanni di Bichchi de' Medici, considered the founder of one of the most influential dynasties in Italian history. In 1452, the year the Villa was rebuilt by the famous architect Michelozzo, and became one of the favorite places of the Medici, in these walls there were the greatest figures of the Italian Renaissance, here often to administer the history of the dynasty.

The Villa medicea di Cafaggiolo built on the site of a fortress of the 14th century, which belonged to the Florentine Republic. In 1452, the year the building became the property of Cosimo de ' Medici the Elder, who was attracted by Michelozzo to rebuild the fortress to a more comfortable country estate suitable for hunting. Michelozzo also designed the Palazzo Medici in Florence, the Palazzo Medici-Riccardi and another for Cosimo Villa in Careggi. The architect has transformed an unattractive and unapproachable fortress in the castle-like country residence.

After the death of Cosimo's Villa became the hunting grounds of his son Piero, who in turn passed the estate to her son, Lorenzo de ' Medici for this Villa has become a favorite of the house. At the end of the 15th century Villa for a short time became the property of the younger branch of the Medici family, which founded in its vicinity a manufactory for the production of majolica.

In 1576, the year the Villa became a place of brutal killings: Garcia di Eleonora di Toledo, wife of Pietro de ' Medici, had an affair with a young aristocrat Bernardino Antinori, who was soon exiled to Elba for the murder of a rival. From there he had sent love letters to Eleanor, and once they were in the hands of her husband, Antinori was killed instantly, and Eleanor strangled with a dog leash directly in the walls of the Villa.

In 1737, the year he died the last ruler of Tuscany from the Medici - Gian Gastone, and Cafaggiolo along with the Villa passed to the successors of the Medici, the dynasty of Habsburg-Lorraine. And even a hundred years later, the estate was sold to Prince Marcantonio Borghese, on the initiative of which the Villa has been started large-scale reconstruction, changed almost beyond recognition creation Michelozzo. According to the new draft, was completely demolished, the surviving fortifications and the interior was decorated in medieval style.

Today the Villa medicea di Cafaggiolo is in private ownership - it is used for conferences, wedding ceremonies and corporate events, and former outbuildings converted to dwelling.