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Villa Mussolini: photos, description (Villa Mussolini)

Villa Mussolini in Riccione is the first Italian Museum dedicated to tourism. The building itself was built in 1890 year and originally bore the name of Villa Margherita. Its seafront location and direct access to the beach has a great effect on what this Villa in 1934, the year I bought a Donna Rachele, the official wife of Benito Mussolini. Next were the city's parks and the promenade Lungomare della libertà.

Villa Mussolini played an important role in the development of tourism on the Adriatic Riviera between the two world wars. It was the decision of Mussolini to build a Golf house was the beginning of mass tourism. This Villa was visited by many famous people and foreign politicians and diplomats. When the Duce decided to build a house for their sons Bruno and Vittorio, the Villa was increased to 6 thousand sq. m. And after the Second World war, the estate became the property of the municipality of Riccione, and many other possessions of the Nazis. From 1976 to 1983-th years the Villa housed a restaurant. And in 1997, the year this two-story building with a small tower at the main entrance, portico and garden (which nearly ruined at the time) was renovated and turned into a small Museum introducing the history and development of tourism on the Adriatic coast.

The rich history of Villa Mussolini was a good service for the creation of expositions of the Museum, introduces historical and cultural aspects of tourism development. In addition, the Villa Mussolini is a kind of laboratory in which the experts are still engaged in the study of tourist flows around the world. It regularly holds thematic seminars, conferences and meetings.